Dr. Lorne Everett

Board of Governors 2006-2007

Don Campbell
Colin Anderson
Dr. Ken Brown
Harvey Cardwell
Kevin Cleghorn
Andy Crooks
Kurt Dahl
Dr. Qing-Lai Dang
George Davies
Dr. Mike DeGagné
James Dennison
Jackie Dojack
Kirk Dudtschak
Ann Dumyn
Ron Dysievick
Charles Fox
Dr. Frederick Gilbert
Carl Goodwin
David Heroux
Krystin Kempton
Gil Labine
John Lagadin (term ended Nov. 22, 2006)
Ron Marostica
Brian McKinnon
Dr. Moira McPherson
Jeff Moore
Eamonn Percy
Tim Pile
Doug Robson
Robert Tuchenhagen (term ended Nov. 30, 2006)
Dennis Wallace


President and Vice-Chancellor
Dr. Frederick Gilbert

Vice-President (Academic) and Provost
Dr. Laurie Hayes

Vice-President (Administration and Finance)
Michael Pawlowski

Vice-President (Research)
Dr. Rui Wang

Associate Vice-President (Research)
Dr. Umed Panu

Vice-Provost (Student Affairs)
Gwenellen Wojda (Acting)

Vice-Provost (Aboriginal Initiatives)
Beverly Sabourin

Orillia Campus Dean
Dr. Kim Fedderson (effective Dec. 2007)

Dean of Business Administration
Dr. Bahram Dadgostar

Dean of Education
Dr. John O’Meara (Acting)

Dean of Engineering
Dr. Henri Saliba

Dean of Forestry and the Forest Environment
Dr. Reino Pulkki

Dean of Graduate Studies
Dr. Gary Boire

Dean of Medicine (Northern Ontario School of Medicine)
Dr. Roger Strasser

Dean of Professional Schools
Dr. Ian Newhouse

Dean of Science and Environmental Studies

Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities
Dr. Thomas Dunk

University Librarian
Anne Deighton

Rita Blais

Anna Foshay

Director of Admissions and Recruitment
John Smith

Director of Athletics
Thomas Warden

Director of Communications
Eleanor Abaya

Director of Continuing Education and Distributed Learning
Gwenellen Wojda

Director of Human Resources
Ray Raslack

Director of Institutional Analysis/Government Relations
Kerrie-Lee Clarke

Director of Physical Plant
James Podd

Director of Risk Management and Access to Information
Dr. Millo Shaw

Director of Technology Services Centre
Bernie Blake (Acting)

Director of University Advancement
Bonnie Moore

Executive Director, University Services
Grant Walsh

Research Centres, Institutes, Programs, and Facilities

Centre for Education and Research on Aging and Health (CERAH)
Dr. Mary Lou Kelley, Director

Centre for Northern Forest Ecosystem Research (CNFER), Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Ed Iwachewski, Manager

Centre for Northern Studies
Dr. Harvey Lemelin, Committee Chair (effective January 2008)

Centre for Parks, Recreation and Tourism Research
Dr. Norm McIntyre, Acting Director

Centre for Rural and Northern Health Research (CRaNHR)
Dr. Bruce Minore, Research Director

Centre of Excellence for Children and Adolescents with Special Needs
Dr. Rui Wang, Interim National Director

ICR Discoveries (Institute of Cancer Research)
Dr. Rui Wang, Vice-President (Research),

Lakehead University Interdisciplinary Program on Safe Driving
Dr. Michel Bédard, Acting Director

Lakehead Social History Institute
Michel Beaulieu, Co-Director

Lakehead University Centre for Health Care Ethics (CHCE)
Dr. Jaro Kotalik, Director

Lakehead University Biotechnology Research Program
Dr. Heidi Schraft, Director

Lakehead University Centre of Analytical Services (LUCAS)
Al Mackenzie, Director

Aquatic Toxicology Research Centre (ATRC)
Dr. Peter Lee, Academic Director

Forest Soils Laboratory (FSL)
Dr. Nancy Luckai and Dr. Lense Meyer, Co-Directors

Lakehead University Environmental Laboratory (LUEL)
Dr. Peter Lee, Director of Analytical Research Services

Lakehead University Genetic Services (LUGS)
Dr. Carney Matheson, Director

Lakehead University Instrumentation Laboratory (LUIL)
Al Mackenzie, Director

Lakehead University Mineralogical and Experimental Laboratory (LUMINX)
Dr. Andrew Conly, Director

Lakehead University Nutrient Ecology Laboratory (LUNE)
Dr. Ellie Prepas, Director

Lakehead University Wood Science Testing Laboratory (LUWSTL)
Dr. Mathew Leitch, Director

Carl Goodwin, Manager
Dr. Lionel Catalan, Academic Director

Paleo-DNA Laboratory (PDNA)
Al Mackenzie, Director

Resource Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (RCOHS)
Ina Chomyshyn, Director
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